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FourBound started out as a trial hack of Super Nintendo cult classic "Mother 2". From there, it expanded to a serious project between a few friends and the personal humor and bonds that joined them. Since then, it has evolved from just one hack (that's still being updated frequently) to a small team.
Ryan, the programmer, author, and supervisor of the hacks deals with just that-- keeping this site up to date with new and exciting revisions to old favorites.
Danny, the co-writer, beta tester, and artist also keeps things in check, trying out the result of their combined labor before anyone else gets so much as a taste.
We welcome support, ideas, and assistance from everyone. Without those things, we wouldn't have even accomplished our first goal.

Future goals include, but are not limited to:

Pokemon Fire Red Hack. As of yet untitled, unwritten, and unaltered.
Will run trial tool testing course before product is in development.

Another EarthBound hack. As of yet untitled, partially written, unaltered.
Description in projects list.

Mother 3 sprite replacement hack. Pending consideration altogether.