The classic plot of EarthBound retold from the perspective of four new characters, with their own brand of humor and personality. Branches out references to other Mother games, and even a few from totally different series.

Join Ryan in his quest to take down an intergalactic force with his girlfriend Danny through the power of sound.

You won't be alone in your quest, eventually                         joining forces with your friend                        DJ and the mysterious Hiro.

                        Don't forget to take down                                 Mike, one of the many new                             antagonists, while you're at                             it!
200X is also a retelling of EarthBound, but in an alternate timeline that shares elements with Mother 1 and Mother 3. It has not yet begun, but a short plan has been thought out for it.

Additionally, a Pokemon Fire Red hack has been considered as well as a Mother 3 spinoff.